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Houseasy Freshness Food Storage Containers / Lids-Made of BPA FR
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Houseasy,makes your house life easily! Bring you a better organization,a better food storage!About a

interesting Test we madeWe cutted a apple into 2 pieces,take half of it inside the food sealer container

and half outside in the air. After 8 hours later,we found that the part outside the food sealer container has

oxidized while the part inside remains well fresh HOW DOES IT WORK?

1)Put the food sealer container cover on the table or on the lower part of the container. To make sure

   maximum protection,please make sure that vacuum seal is clean and smooth. Vacuum seal will not

   work on porous surface

2)To creat vacuum seal,please open the air-lock button,use both hands to press the cover down and

   switch the air-lock button off. 

3)By opening the button,you can simply remove the cover and enjoy the fresh food!<br>

Notice:1)Avoid using the  Food Storage/Lips in the microwave and oven.It is safe for use

              in the dishwasher& freezer.

            2)Innovative gasket design prevents leaks and keeps food fresh.With just one press,

              the unique gasket design locks in freshness and flavor while preventing leaks.Great

              for use around the kitchen and home, or to take food on your travels or to the workplace.


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